SureSafeGo Smart Watch


  • The SureSafeGO’s medical alert and automatic fall detection smartwatch is the newest and best personal safety and medical alarm available in Australia
  • Automatic fall detection and a medical alert function, which can instantly notify emergency contacts if the wearer experiences a fall
  • Completely water-resistant and safe to wear in the shower
  • The 4GX technology allows the watch to work anywhere with mobile signal and stay connected with loved ones
  • If the user doesn’t move for a set period, the smartwatch will notify emergency contacts through a text alert
  • The built-in heart rate sensor is helpful for those who want to be aware of their heart rate
  • The user can designate up to five emergency contacts; in case of an emergency, the vibrating alarm watch will cycle through the contacts until somebody answers
  • The SureSafeGO PLUS 4GX medical alert watch also comes with a yearly Telstra SIM which covers all emergency activations. After the first 12 months, the SIM is only $40 per year!
  • If the battery gets low or the alarm is activated, a verbal notification will be played to confirm exactly what is happening


  • Whenever the user feels unwell or unsafe, emergency services or help can be notified with the press of a button. Alert emergency services or up to five designated contacts with the SmartWatch’s single-touch feature
  • When Activated the SureSafeGO 4GX sends an SMS with the wearers location out to up five stored mobile numbers,  It will then call each number in the order they’ve been saved to allow a 2-way chat between the wearer and their emergency contacts,  If the call isn’t connected with 10 seconds, the alarm will then quickly call the next number.

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