Soft Transfer Belt - Standard

The Soft Transfer Belt is a popular belt used for transferring patients.

Two Carers normally work together when using this product. If necessary, one Carer can work alone, which depends on the patient and Carer’s ability. If used in a care facility it may also depend on the facility’s manual handling policy.


The belt is padded for comfort. The inside is a soft velour material. The outside is a nylon material, and comes in either a blue or black colour option.

There is an adjustable buckle fastening which adjusts easily to fit a variety of people. The adjustable buckle allows you to keep it in the middle of the person when fastened. It is suitable when the patient has a pendulous bust or if their body shape requires a narrower belt fastening.

The soft padded belt is slip resistant.

There are four comfortable padded handles.

These belts may also be known as:

  • Pelican Belts
  • Johnny Belts
  • Transfer Belts

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