The ultra-compact power wheelchair that's packed with BIG performance.

The ultra-compact power wheelchair that's packed with BIG performance.

The narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive power wheelchair.

Go where others can't with the Q500 M Mini: the narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive QUICKIE power wheelchair with an ultra-small 17" turning radius. Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with patented all-wheel suspension that independently cushions every wheel. Climb obstacles of up to 3" with 12" drive wheels. Power through tricky terrain with strong, energy efficient 4-pole motors. Plus, the Q500 M Mini has a multi-adjustable seating system and a whole host of styling options.


  • The mid-wheel-drive design maximises traction, while the innovative all-wheel suspension system delivers a firmer, more responsive ride.
  • Users will appreciate the compact chassis and minimal turning circle – features not always found in high-performance powered wheelchairs.
  • The anti-pitch technology ensures users can tackle slopes with confidence.
  • The height- and angle-adjustable Sedeo Pro seat allows for greater independence, enhanced social interactions and greater comfort.
  • Experience intuitive control, with the VR2 controller or R-Net joystick. An HD display panel, assignable buttons and infra-red, Bluetooth and iDrive connectivity are all built in!

Technical Information

  • Max. user weight = 136kg
  • Max. speed = 10km/h
  • 40 Ah batteries
  • 4 accent colours available – black, blue, red and white

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