Precision-engineered to turn your energy into motion, so you can go further, faster and for longer.

Energy into Motion.

Elevate your ride to a whole new level! The QUICKIE Nitrum is engineered to efficiently convert your energy into motion, allowing you to propel with the least amount of effort.

QUICKIE's decades of experience developing high-end manual wheelchairs coupled with feedback from wheelchair users drove the design of the Nitrum. For active users who are looking for unmatched driving performance, innovative details, and a large variety of options, the Nitrum creates the perfect match for fit and performance.


  • Instead of several welded parts, the Nitrum utilises a reinforced and patented caster mechanism for a single hollow-forged component. Ultra-lightweight it's still strong and durable enough without compromising adjustability. Additionally it's positioned for optimal handling, turning and maximum propulsion efficiency. However if you prefer more maneuverability or greater stability then it can also be adjusted to suit those needs.
  • The Nitrum has a unique-twist to backrest folding; by simply grabbing the Twist-Lock bar with one hand users, or carers, can twist it to release, fold and load the wheelchair into the car. Additionally with double locking, they can use the same bar to lift it and it'll also lock without removing the sideguards or low-profile cushion.
  • New innovations that comes standard with the Nitrum includes a compact wheel lock with a redesigned housing to control play and improve durability while enhancing wheel lock engagement.
  • Designed with a specially processed 7020-series aerospace aluminium and hollowed forged caster tubes the weight of the Nitrum has been minimised for easier transportation and handling.
  • For freedom of movement the Freestyle Back provides a full 360o range of upper body motion so users can freely twist and turn without running into backrest posts.
  • Breathable fabric with block-and-tackle tension adjustment makes it easy to tighten it while the double-loop mechanism will ensure that it remains secure
  • The Nitrum features an integrated LED light on both of its caster arms. Able to provide up to 4 hours of run time the light's battery can be easily removed for recharge.

Technical Information

Seat Width: 12" to 20"
Seat Depth: 12" to 20"
Front Seat Height: 16" to 21"
Rear Seat Height: 13" to 20"
Backrest Height: Height Adjustable: 10" to 20" Fixed Height: 8" to 19"
Backrest Angle: Fore (-)18° to Aft (+)10°
Frame Angle: 75° 80° 85°
Centre of Gravity: 0° to 4°
Material: 7020 Oval Aluminum
Maximum User Weight: 125 kg
Total Weight: 8.3 kgs. Transport weight: 4.9 kgs. Transport weight w/o wheel locks: 4.4 kgs.

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