We knew the next generation demanded something special. With the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials, we created the ultimate QUICKIE. We created the Krypton R (also available with a foldable frame).

The QUICKIE Krypton R is our lightest, fully adjustable rigid wheelchair. We didn’t compromise. There was only one material we could use to achieve this level of performance – aerospace engineered carbon fibre. The result is a phenomenal rigidity and razor-sharp agility packed into a fully adjustable wheelchair concept.

The carbon fibre QUICKIE wheelchair with a foldable frame.


  • The QUICKIE Krypton R is our lightest fully adjustable rigid wheelchair from 3.65kgs. It has been crafted from the most advanced carbon technology available, producing a staggering strength-to-weight ratio.
  • It’s not only the exquisite material or the famously seductive styling, but also the athleticism and agility of a unique rigid wheelchair. Infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, fine-tuning of the front and rear seat heights and backrest angle adjustment ensures the QUICKIE Krypton R is designed for something truly special.
  • The QUICKIE Krypton is the first wheelchair range to be manufactured out of the patented, most innovative seamless carbon braid technology.
  • The wheelchairs were even tested under freezing cold and desert hot conditions (-20°C to 70°C). No aging test has worn the Krypton down - it is designed to stand the test of time!
  • Every part of the fully adjustable QUICKIE Krypton R wheelchair was approved only when our test engineers were 100 % satisfied with its quality.
  • Choosing the QUICKIE Krypton R is only the beginning. QUICKIE's personalisation options will help you to create a wheelchair to define a style that you can call your own.

Technical Information

Seat Width: 320 - 460 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat Depth: 340 - 480 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Front Seat Height: 430 - 550 mm
Rear Seat Height: 380 - 500 mm
Backrest Height: 250 - 450 mm
Backrest Angle: 59° - 105°
Camber: 0°/3°
Maximum User Weight: 125 kg
Total Weight:
From 3.65kgs in transit

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