The Quickie® 5R is designed to deliver superior rigid wheelchair performance day after day. As you and your environment evolve, or as you refine your riding capabilities,  5R’s frame and components is designed to elevate your mobility.
The Quickie 5R features a highly adjustable wheelchair design without compromising on the rigid wheelchair feel and performance. With the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity and ability to adjust the backrest height and angle - You’ll always find a seating position that suits you best!

Highly adjustable to elevate your mobility!


  • The Quickie 5R’s open frame design takes the proven ride quality and geometry that so many have loved about the GT and improves upon it with a swept-back, hydro-formed caster link for added style and a smooth ride.
  •  Available in two lengths - short (4.5" of vertical adjustment) and long (6" of vertical adjustment) - this axle plate ensures you are getting the adjustment range you need without adding unnecessary weight.
  • The 5R adjustable wheelchair offers premium options that can elevate your product.
  • Choose from JAY's superior cushions and backs to get the most out of your mobility system. 

Technical Information

Seat Width: 12” to 20”
Seat Depth: 12” to 20”
Front Seat Height: 16” to 21”
Rear Seat Height: 13” to 20”
Backrest Angle: Fore (-) 17° to Aft (+) 8°Front Seat
Maximum User Weight: 120 kgs
Total Weight:
9.8 kgs

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