Peak Bath Board With Handle

The Peak Bath Board is designed to be durable and effective in assisting users with getting in and out of the bath safely. The bath board is placed on the sides of the bath and allows the user to slide across the bath edge rather than stepping over it. There are multiple holes in the seat to allow water drainage and prevent slippage. The adjustable red handle allows the user to grip safely and keep stable.  The foot pads are length adjustable.

The Peak Bath Board is tool-less and easy to install and has a convenient, built-in soap dish for easy cleaning.

The rubber pads can easily be adjusted to fit INTERNAL bath widths of between 40.5cm to 61cm.

Key Features:

  • Easy clean surface
  • Multiple drainage holes to allow water to drain and prevent slippage
  • Built-in soap dish
  • Adjustable red handle provides stability and grip
  • Length adjustable foot pads

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