Ottobock Terra Aquos Cushion

The Ottobock Aquos is designed to retain it's shape no matter what the circumstances, and so regardless of who sits on it, the cushion's shape will remain the same. This retention is achieved through highly resilient and lightweight foam that also serves to better distribute pressure, helping to reduce the likelihood of pressure sores.

Furthermore, the Aquous' 'LiquiCells', incorporated directly in the cover, prevent the build up of shear forces. All this is ensured while providing optimal comfort and and a secure sitting position that helps to guide the user's posture.

  • Immersion and envelopment are optimised for excellent pressure redistribution.
  • During daily use, moving through the environment, this ability of the molecules to flow means impact and shocks are absorbed more effectively. Wheelchair users describe a spring/suspension feeling during use without adding the weight of suspension components to their wheelchair.
  • The breakdown/compression set of the foam is almost eliminated even under long term use.

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