Ottobock B6R Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

Optimised for more flexibility

The B-series power wheelchair has a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements.

With front-wheel and rear-wheel drive, the specific driving characteristics and motor powers of two kinds of drive in two frame widths are at your disposal.

A high degree of flexibility is assured by the new VAS (variably adjustable seat) seat frame solution with Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment as well as innovative special and environmental controls, among other features!


6 / 7.2 / 10 km/h

Battery capacity

63 Ah (C5) / 74 Ah (C20) gel batteries (standard equipment)


(acc. to ISO 7176-4) 35 km

Control unit

VR2 or Ottobock TEN°

Max. load capacity

Chassis size 1: 140 kg
Chassis size 2: 160 kg

Obstacle negotiation capability

Front-wheel drive: 100 mm
Rear-wheel drive: 65 mm, optional 100 mm

Climbing ability (ISO 7176-2)

10° / 17%

Overall width

Chassis size 1: 600 mm
Chassis size 2: 640 mm

Seat height (depending on seating solution)

400–550 mm

Seat width

340–560 mm

Seat depth

340–500 mm

Back angle

0° to +30°

Seat tilt

45° power

Seat inclination

-3° / 0° / 3° / 6°

Back height

450 / 550 mm

Arm support height

225–350 mm

Lower leg length

250–540 mm

Max. charging time

12 hours


from 107 kg

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