Motion Sensor Fall Alarm


  • Stand-Alone Monitoring Solution The Smart Caregiver TL-2700 allows you to maintain effective awareness of resident movement without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string type devices
  • Versatile Placement Options Motion sensor can be placed at the bedside to alert when someone attempts to get out of bed, by a chair to alert when someone attempts to get up from a chair, or by a doorway to alert when someone attempts to exit the area
  • The TL-2700 is battery operated and stands vertically without assistance within it's 360' swivelling plastic cradle
  • Cradle may be wall-mounted with provided hardware and optional mounting bracket accessories are available
  • Wide Area of Detection This motion sensing exit alarm has a wide field of detection that extends outwards approximately 10m from the alarm
  • Any movement that interrupts this field will trigger the alarm
  • Chime Alert

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