Merits Maverick 12 Power Wheelchair

The Merits Maverick 12 power wheelchair provides outstanding maneuverability in small spaces while ensuring a smooth and stable ride indoors and outdoors.

Dual in-line motors enhance the efficiency, torque, range and performance of the Maverick 12.

The Maverick 12’s low centre of gravity ensures a smoother and stable ride even over rough terrains, especially when it works hand-in-hand with its full front and ear suspension.

Users can enjoy luxury comforts even when using the Maverick 12 with features such as adjustable armrests, semi-reclining backrest and height-adjustable seat.


  • Mid-wheel drive: Allows the Merits Maverick 12 to climb obstacles such as curbs and small bumps
  • Dual in-line motors: Enhances the Maverick 12's efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Full front and rear suspension: Allows a smooth journey over rough terrains
  • Semi-reclining backrest: Luxury comfort for users



Weight Capacity
205 kg
Weight 106 kg
Length 90 cm
Width 69 cm
Height 127 cm
Seat Width 51 cm
Seat Depth 46 cm
Back Height 51 cm
Turn Radius 53 cm
Ground Clearance 5.6 cm
Speed  8 km/h
Range Up to 32 km

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