MedPro Plastic Sitz Bath

The MedPro Plastic Sitz Bath is a versatile and convenient solution for individuals who need to soothe and heal their perineal area.

The Sitz Bath fits over most standard toilet bowls, allowing for easy and discreet use. Made from high-quality plastic, this bath is durable and lightweight, preventing cracking and breaking even under heavy use. The contoured edges provide maximum comfort and the included tubing and 2000cc water bag make it easy to use and control the flow.

The portable design makes it easy to move from one bathroom to the next, and the simple cleaning process ensures hygienic use. 

  • Fits most standard toilet bowls
  • Made of durable plastic to withstand various weights without cracking or breaking
  • Slightly contoured edges for maximum comfort
  • Includes tubing and a 2000cc water bag
  • The portable Sitz Bath can easily be moved from one bathroom to the next
  • Allows for easy cleanup
  • Gives the ability to control the on and off flow

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