Home Kings Mobility Kit

The Homecraft King Assessment Kit is comes complete with a case, and is ideal for determining individual patient eating needs. In particularly, it helps to assess and identify weak grips and limited grasp through provides interchangeable tools.

This provides the health professional or carer the correct plan management strategy for the patient.


  • Caters for all needs, visually, aesthetically and functionally
  • Built up slim, lightweight, and heavyweight handles
  • Double ended feature for one handed eating
  • Hygienic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes case and 32 pieces of different utensils, handles and adapters for a customized fit
  • Conveniently assemble any of the items by simply pushing the utensil spigot into the hole of the handle
  • If the handle needs to be built up further, add sleeves, and when a different utensil is needed, switch out the head
  • All items are non-corroding and dishwasher safe

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