Empulse F55 - 14"


Explore like never before!

The Empulse F55 wheelchair pull device lets you explore worlds that used to be out of reach. The 14'' wheel version increases the comfort of your ride, especially in rougher terrains. Larger, more stable and offroad-oriented. Intended for outdoor use only.
  • The Empulse F55 easily fits on almost all common manual wheelchairs. Just dock within seconds and the F55 becomes a powerful companion in your daily life.
  • Smartly designed to provide you that extra bit of independence and carelessness, the Empulse F55 allows you to save your strength and extend your personal range.
  • Thanks to the flip-up sub frame, the Empulse F55’s pack size can be minimized within seconds: flip the frame, insert the steering-tube and you’ll get a handy package that can be stowed away easily. If necessary, the sub frame can even be fully detached.
  • The Empulse F55 comes with a 8.1 Ah capacity Li-Ion battery for up to 25km of range. It features an intelligent battery management system for improved charging cycles.
  • The fully adjustable position of the Empulse F55 lets you adjust weight-balance and optimize traction. Two independent brake systems ensure increased safety.
  • The Empulse F55 is ultra compact and easy to dock so that you can upgrade your wheelchair with that extra power whenever it is needed.
  • Enter your control room: The easy-to-read display shows all the information you need. You can also adjust the position of your handlebar on-the-fly.

Technical Information

Width: 260 - 480 mm (Wheelchair front frame width)
Castor Wheel: 14''
Drive Wheel: 14''
Max. Range: 25 km
Speed: 15 kph
Batteries: Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.1 Ah
Max Kerb Climb: up to 11% (6°)
Total Weight: From 13 kg (with battery)
Max User Weight: 110 kg


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