Easy Breather Sleep Apnea Pillow


  • Pressure-diffusing memory foam upper alleviates mask and nozzle pressure to face
  • Premium traditional foam base provides excellent support to the head, neck and spine 
  • Tapered to facilitate full neck extension
  • Scalloped edges ensure that the mouth and nose are unobstructed for clear air flow
  • Frees up air hose, improves airway alignment, keeps mask in place
  • Anti-bacterial treated to inhibit dust mites and other protein matter
  • Designed to reduce snoring 
  • 100% premium Australian made foam
  • Designed in conjunction with Australian health professionals 
  • No heavy metals, no CFCs, and no toxic compounds 
  • Stretch cover allows the head and neck to settle
  • Deliberately feels firm to begin with but softens after a few days of use
  • Can be used with or without a CPAP mask 

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