Deutscher Walmsley Bed Range


  • Designed to meet the requirements of standard and acute mental healthcare facilities
  • Strong and robust battery operated bed with a rechargeable, portable battery pack and controller
  • Height range from 240 – 740mm
  • Head & foot boards are not removable once the bed is installed
  • All electrical wires are encased in a strong metal conduit
  • Manufactured in Ballarat, using high quality materials
  • 100mm dual castors with both brake and direction lock
  • Range of optional accessories
  • Max weight capacity including patient weight & accessories - 250kg

It is available in 3 standard models:

  • Single function - hi/lo adjustable
  • 2 function - hi/lo adjustable, backrest raise/lower
  • 3 function - hi/lo adjustable, backrest raise/lower, kneebend/calf raise and lower

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