Conni Kids Tackers Underpants

Conni Kids Tackers is a gender-neutral "pull up" style training transition underwear designed to absorb and protect. These slim, fashionable and discreet undies are designed for 'little' accidents, are helpful during daytime toilet training, transitioning from pull-ups and everything else in between. They feature a four-layer waterproof protection from the front waistband to the back waistband. 

Conni Kids Tackers are lightweight, machine washable, tumble dryer safe and can be reused countless times, making them a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products. 

REUSABLE & COST SAVING: Machine-washable and dryer safe. The environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products

SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Underwear assists with light bladder and bowel leakage. Perfect for catching small accidents while children transition to the up and down routine of normal underwear. *Not a replacement for a nappy*

FOUR LAYER PROTECTION: Soft polyester top, quick-dry absorbency, with breathable waterproof backing. Discreet, comfortable and quiet.

  • OUTER - cotton and elastane.
  • LINER - Microfibre liner
  • INTERIOR - Absorbent polyester 
  • WATERPROOFING - Polyurethane laminate 

LAB TESTED & CHEMICAL FREE: All Conni products are Oeko-Tex accredited, PVC and Formaldehyde free, safe to use against the skin.

2-4 54cm - 21" 58cm - 23"
4-6 56cm - 22" 63cm - 25"
6-8 58cm - 23" 68cm - 27"
8-10 62cm - 24" 73cm - 29"
10-12 66cm - 26" 78cm - 31"
12-14 68cm - 27" 83cm - 33"
14-16 71cm - 28" 88cm - 35"

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