BetterLiving Community Bed


  • Designed to suit a range of home care needs
  • Four-part profiling bed with electric high-low height adjustment
  • Auto Contour feature simultaneously raises both the head and knees
  • Auto-regressive backrest helps prevent painful skin shearing
  • Lightweight, water-resistant hand controller with soft-touch buttons for raising, lowering and positioning, including one-touch auto contouring
  • Features a lockout function that each function can be individually locked out using the key, ideal for patients incapable of operating the bed due to cognitive impairment
  • Includes a 200mm Length Extension and removable mattress retainers
  • Four high-quality individually lockable castor
  • Max user weight: 180kg
  • Warranty: 5 year bed frame/ 2 year electrical/ 1 year castor

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