Avante ErgoAdjust Delux

The ErgoAdjust Delux is Avante’s new advanced adjustable bed that embodies function and comfort . The bed is equipped with full package of functionalities for mobility including Hi-Lo lift, preset customized positions. ErgoAdjust Delux is also designed to maximize your user experience, featured with various vibration massage function, head tilt position, USB charging ports, underbed lighting, wireless handsets, Ergo care is the optimal choice for anyone who seeks independent mobility and better sleeping experience.

Extra technology includes the “Wall Align Technology” feature and the important Zero Gravity feature which replicates the position astronaut’s use during launches. The position distributes pressure evenly across the body and provides a feeling of weightlessness and calming throughout your body.


  • Stylish Modern Living Design
  • Zero Gravity – no pressure on your body
  • Reinvigorates tires muscles and joints
  • Wall align technology – space saving
  • Relief from back pain
  • Raises your head to improve breathing
  • Helps blood circulation, 3 speed massage unit
  • Hi Lo Function
  • Preset Customisable positions
  • USB Charging Points
  • Underbed Lighting

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